In Search for the Perfect Little Black Dress

Without a doubt, the little black dress is a staple in every woman’s closet. It’s suitable for the office, a cocktail party, or dinner– depending on how you accessorize it. Little black dresses from FCUK first came on the scene in 1926, when top designer Coco Chanel had her long-sleeved, crepe de chine dress featured in Vogue magazine. During that period, black was only a colour worn for periods of mourning, such as funerals. Since then, the little black dress trend has been recreated, replicated, and revered – and continues to remain a wardrobe essential. Use these simple tips for buying your own perfect little black dress.

Invest in more than one. If you have the money, purchase more than one little black dress. It’s ideal to have a black dress for every season. Spring black dresses can be short and flowy, such as a classic tent dress. Summer dresses can be strapless, and fall dresses can feature short hemlines, cap sleeves, and a tight knit fit. For your winter black dress, opt for a drapey dress with long sleeves and skirt that falls to the knee.

Disguise a cheap dress with accessories. Don’t have the money to purchase an expensive dress? No problem. It’s very simple to disguise an inexpensive little black dress with more expensive accessories. Add a few gold bangles, layered necklaces, and a cute pair of heels in a bright colour. If you do decide to splurge on some black dresses, realize that you will most definitely get your money’s worth.

Look for natural fibers for longevity. Some dress fabrics simply don’t stand up for the long haul. They may stretch, fade, or tear over time. To extend the life of your black dresses, be sure to look for a dress with natural fibers. Wool, silk, linen, and cashmere are ideal construction fabrics. If you’re on a budget, simply buy vintage and save yourself a few bucks while still getting a top-notch little black dress that is sure to last.

Dress to flatter your features. Everyone has an area of their body that they don’t wish to share with the world. To feel ultra-confident in your little black dress, find a style that will play up your best features and play down your worst. For example, empire waist dresses are the perfect solution for hiding tummy bulge. If you dislike your upper arms, try a dress with sleeves.

Black dresses are the obvious choice for nearly any occasion. They are great for both formal and casual occasions, and can be easily altered to suit whichever event it’s worn to. This classic wardrobe standby is a girl’s best friend and highly chic style.